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VB60+ is a Volcanic Basalt product which is a naturally occurring rock formation. It is harvested, crushed and milled into a product that is most beneficial for your soil health. It is the optimal size and makeup to nourish your soil right away while aiding your land for years to come.


SKU: 0015
    • This all natural product is from the earth VB60+ geologic compound, is a micronized mineral.

    • Rich in required minerals to improve soil health. Namely Silicon.

    • Aids in restoring soils life-sustaining trace mineral content.

    • Betters the quality of crops and overall yields.

    • Revitalizes soil, increases disease resistance, and plant vigor.

    • Instantly available to enhance plant/microbial interactions.

    • Easy to apply, either dampened or dry.

    • Vegetables and fruits have improved taste.

    • Optimal root mass per plant.

    • Approved for use in organic agriculture, with pending certification.

  • Farm pick up or shipping to your door available. Specify during checkout.

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